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Nov. 3rd, 2008 @ 10:44 pm Transit Thirsty Thursday (November 6)
Transit Thirsty Thursday each month will highlight a different restaurant or pub located in easy walking distance from a MARTA rail station. These informal events will serve both as a social event for those who are transit friendly and as a way to get people's brains to form an association between these destinations and their nearby MARTA station. We often hear that MARTA doesn't go anywhere but I've found that it goes lots of places and people just don't give MARTA a thought in the first place.

This month's event is at Atlanta's only authentic German bierstube, The Rathskeller, located in the Renaissance Hotel. To get there on MARTA, take the train to the North Avenue station (N3) and exit on the North Avenue side of the station. Cross both West Peachtree Street and North Avenue to get to the right side of the road. When you enter the Renaissance, walk through the lobby and go to the right or ask an employee to point you to The Rathskeller.

With over thirty European beers and a wide selection of German and American food, there is something for everyone.

It isn't required that you RSVP but it would be helpful:

On Thursday the election will be a couple of days in the past, so we can discuss what the results mean to MARTA and transit in general. There may even be reason to expect a new chairperson for MARTOC!

Also keep in mind that the next MARTA Pub Crawl is November 22nd!
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